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People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.

Chuck Palahniuk (via thiskidmatt)



In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do.

C.S. Lewis (via wordsnquotes)

no longer dealing with half ass relationships. nobody deserves that, if you’re going to be in my life. be ‘here’ not visit when convenient.

Overlyxclusive (via kushandwizdom)

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Once you’ve taken a few punches and realize you’re not made of glass, you don’t feel alive unless you’re pushing yourself as far as you can go.

Matt Buckner, Green Street Hooligans (2005)


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my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day

i’m checking out all new followers, and following back tons!


everything love♥ (source)